Wyndscreen Connects Vehicle Buyers and Sellers Without Scams and Frustration, for Free.

Tired of scams, spam, and wasted time? Don't want to use social media sites? Are Craigslist and Facebook driving you crazy? We make it easier, faster, and cheaper to sell your vehicle yourself...and finding exactly what you want is easier too! Questions? Contact us: info@wyndscreen.com

Start Buying and Selling for Free

"The current options are garbage. Wyndscreen is going to be a game changer"---Tim, Virginia

"Craigslist who? Facebook who?"

- Jonathan (North Carolina)

"It is hard to keep track of who is messaging and updating posts is not straightforward...but not anymore."

- Margarette (Ohio)

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We make it easier, cheaper, and less frustrating...and more

Users of Craigslist and Facebook have been asking for a new platform for years....well here we are


-Find answers to common questions

-Integrated messaging

-No social media needed

-Interface creates a perfect ad with a few clicks

-No need for third party search sites

Wyndscreen makes it easy!


-Wyndscreen is free for private buyers and sellers. -Wyndscreen is far cheaper for dealers than any other site out there.

-Use Wyndscreen and keep more of your hard earned money

Less Frustration

-Wyndscreen's interface weeds out the scammers, spammers and removes ads that are vague and misleading. No more ads with missing pictures and missing information. You'll forget the other sites quick, guaranteed.

Looking for your next daily driver? A new project? A car for your 16 year old?

Are you using multiple sites and apps in your search for a good used vehicle? Getting lost in sea of items you don't care about? Not anymore. Wyndscreen has clean and straight-to-the-point ads as well as robust search features that will narrow down results properly, without scams and spam.

Say goodbye to unwanted ads, missing information, limited photos, and hair pulling frustration.

Finding what you want has never been easier!

Need to sell a used vehicle?

Unlike the other clunky and outdated sites, Wyndscreen is free to use for private sellers, the interface guides you through the process of creating a perfect ad, and the site resources to answer buying and selling questions....sell it yourself and make the most money!

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness never bought the right car"

Wyndscreen is free for private party buyers and sellers and starts at $3 per ad for dealers

Let us take the pain and frustration out of buying and selling used vehicles. No more questionable social media algorithms, outdated ads, and flaky buyers and sellers. Wyndscreen saves you time and money, limits frustrations, and adds confidence to every transaction. Click on the button below to get started....you won't be disappointed.

"Trying to use Marketplace to search for vehicles is bonkers. It is totally backwards and makes you wonder what they were actually trying to do. We need something better"

- Ben (Florida)

"I don't want to use Facebook for a hundred reasons, Craigslist is dying, forums are dead...Wyndscreen will finally make them obsolete...and its free!"

- Taylor (California)